Pet Sitting Services

Pet Watching Services

Let’s face it. When you hire someone to come into your home, it is absolutely necessary that you trust that person fully. When you hire Pet Watchers Northwest, you know exactly who is coming to your home; a person who is fully dedicated to your pet(s), and most importantly, you. We customize our services to be geared specifically toward your pets’ special wants and needs. Please browse through our services below and give us a call. 847-359-6505 or email us: We hope to hear from you soon!

In-Home Pet Care

Pet Watchers Northwest comes to you! When you are interested in our services, we will visit your home for an initial meeting with you and your pet(s). At this time, we will discuss what activities you would like us to perform with your pet(s), including walking, playing, feeding and medications. After meeting with us, you can rest assured that your pet(s) will be cared for in a caring, trustworthy and dependable manner.

Dog Walking

Many people are gone all day and cannot get home to feed their dog(s). New puppies have small bladders and must be let out during the day. Pet Watchers Northwest will visit your home at a predetermined time frame to take care of your dog(s). That way, your dog(s) get the exercise they need and indoor accidents are minimized.

Vacation Pet Care

Pet Watchers Northwest will watch your pet(s) in your home while you are out of town. That way, your pet(s) can maintain their same routine and avoid undue stress while you are gone. We will visit your home one to four times a day for Vacation Visits to give your pet(s) their required care.

During our Vacation Service, we will also

  • Bring in your mail and newspapers
  • Alternate your indoor and outdoor lights
  • Draw and close your blinds and drapes
  • Water your plants
  • Take out your garbage and recycling